Old Fashion Coconut Washboard Cookies with Orange Glaze

It's a Coconut Day These "washboard" shaped cookies are crisp, thin, sweet and th...

Sweet & Spicy Oven Boston Butt Roast

this is good eating folks Pulled Pork in the oven This time of year, grilling outside wanes to f...

Fish House Punch

It's Friday and it's a day to talk about fish. From the gentlemen anglers of Schuylkill Fi...

Happy Thanksgiving

From my house to yours, have a meaningful and blessed day.

Green Rice

Just in case... Okay, I know you do not need another side dish for Thanksgiving, but just in case, ...

Roasted Chicken & White Bean Enchiladas

Can't get enough... Now, you can never have enough roasted chicken, right? Especially this time...

Praline Bread

breakfast, brunch or snack A specialty to the south, pralines are nothing more than toasted pecans...

Crunchy Topped Sweet Potatoes with Orange

a perfect side dish,  not too sweet... This is a version of an old-style recipe using southern swee...

Yellow Squash Creole Casserole

don't quash my squash I was tricked the other day at our new, fancy grocery store. Lucky for me...

Pocket Roast

when a roast is a farce The skill level it takes to cook a roast is nothing exciting. Let's fa...

Roasted Squash & Andouille Dressing

2 great dressings in 1 Where ever you live you just may call this by another name - like, stuffing ...

Pigskin Playbook with Hormel & Friends

the Hormel Party Play When Foodbuzz announced partnering with Hormel and pitched the idea for s...

Hamburger Steak Sandwiches with au Jus

au Jus, Brute? There are many times, after serving roast beef, that I am left with a nice, rich...

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