White Bean Chicken Chili - Week 10

Week 10 Submission ends midnight Tuesday, Nov 1st Voting Starts Nov 2nd see ' rulebook' ...

Creamy Chicken Alfredo with Mushrooms, Asparagus

Chickening is good for you... For some reason I've had a hankering for a saucy chicken dish...

Tailgating and Week 9

Week 9 Submission ends midnight Tuesday, Oct 25 th Voting Starts Oct 16th see ' rulebook'...

Mason and Dixon Cookies

Here's a vintage recipe, and a darn good one.... Some things we just don't need to m...

Chicken & Chiles Cheese Ball - Game-Day Week 8

Week 8 Submission ends midnight Tuesday, Oct 18 th Voting Starts Oct 19th see ' rulebook'...

Old-Style Trout Meuniere

Gone Fishing Speckled trout are still running pretty good as many reports are favorable for...

In Your Face Roast Beef Sandwiches + Game-Day Week 7

Week 7 Submission ends midnight Tuesday, Oct 11 th Voting Starts Oct 12th see ' rulebook'...

Not just any Burger, a real tasty Hamburger

What's the perfect way to end the hungry belly growl? Grilling comes to mind. These burge...

Grand Prize Peek + Game-Day Week 6

Week 6 Submission ends midnight Tuesday, Oct 4 th Voting Starts Oct 5th see ' rulebook' f...

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