Banana Crumb Pudding Cake with Caramel Sauce

Out of this world... Every holiday, and I mean just about every one on the calender, is a celeb...

Last Chance - Game-Day Week 14

Week 14 Submission ends midnight Tuesday, Nov 29th Voting Starts Nov 30th Last Game Folks ~...

Cortlandt’s Bread Pudding

The secret's in the sauce... Like so many of my favored recipes, this one originates f...

Turkey Jambalaya

Turn leftover Turkey into Something Special... Okay, there are 1 million things to do with left...

Gobble-Wobble, It's Turkey Football Time

Week 13 Submission ends midnight Tuesday, Nov 22nd Voting Starts Nov 23rd Gobble-Wobble ~...

Country Asparagus Casserole

It's that casserole time of year ~ thank goodness! I know everyone is busy as can be get...

Corn Loaf for Thanksgiving

Bread or Vegetable ? This is one recipe I have not made in a while but one I will be bringing ...

Kicking Chicken & Artichoke Dip - Week 12

Week 12 Submission ends midnight Tuesday, Nov 14th Voting Starts Nov 15th see ' rulebook'...

Crocked Ham, Slow Style

Thank goodness for recipes like this one. A busy week means consolidating some of the cooking t...

Game-Day Week 11 and LouisiBAMA GumboBowl Update

Week 11 Submission ends midnight Tuesday, Nov 8st Voting Starts Nov 9nd see ' rulebook'...

LouisiBama Bowl

What do you do with 750 pounds of shrimp, 450 pounds of catfish, 150 pounds of crabmeat, 20...

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