Healthier Southern Recipes

Something Old, Something New

There are way too many reasons why many of our cherished, hand-me-down recipes are so darn good and many of those reasons are because they aren’t exactly healthy for us to eat on a daily basis. Notice I said ‘to eat on a daily basis’ as I believe with just about all diets, eating our recipes of heritage in moderation is okay. Now what is moderation for me certainty will differ as to what is the best choice for you.

And with all recipes of heritage, dappling with ingredients to make a recipe better for us is acceptable as long as the character, taste and appearance remains just as our ancestors meant it to be generations ago. Whether it means replacing lard with a better cooking oil, reducing butter with a healthier option or oven baking instead of deep-frying, the choice to make recipes better for us is up to us and the next generation. But what I as a recipe developer and researcher as well as food recipe preservationist believe is that to do so means we cannot alter the recipe in a way that will affect the outcome as being noticeable. That is, leave a little butter in for the richness it gives but replace the needed fat with a healthier oil.

Many recipes in this section are recipes using less fat, less calories and carbs. Some are make-overs of southern classics.

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