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Home Style Cooking
Home style cooking is down-right good eating. Sometime the recipes will vary with influences of Country or Soul style way of cooking, with maybe a little Creole or Cajun thrown in for added flavor. Home style recipes come from the stained pages in stored away boxes, from the hearts of our beloved ancestors and the kindred limbs of our family tree. We cook these recipes to re-create our past and the past of family's lineage.
To cook Home Style is not just a matter of cooking to eat, it's is all about reminiscing the foods we love.

Home Style way of Cooking

Like this recipe for stuffing the pork loin chops - a take on our taste in the Delta south. The flavors of the bay leaf, Tabasco pepper, vinegar and the trinity transform our beloved collard greens to a unique sweet stuffing medley with a Cajun nod, a warm hug of southern soul and an illumining shout-out of urban appeal.

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