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Country Style Potato Casserole

With cheese, bacon and onions - what's not to like? Country cooking is to many southerners a...

Old-Fashion Barbecue Chicken Grilled Outdoors

Whiffs of Summer Long days filled with bright sunshine can only mean one thing: Spring is here a...

Southern Steak - a.k.a Country Fried, Chicken Fried, Blue-Plate Special...

Somewhere under this mouth-watering gravy is Fried Cubed Steaks A Classic Recipe with Many Name...

My No-fuss Picnic Pasta Salad

'Hippie Hole' - Little River Canyon, Alabama swimming spot Perfect Picnic Pasta Salad ...

Aunt Ida's Hamburger Steak with Onion Pepper Gravy

Mashed potatoes covered with Hamburger 'Steak' and Gravy Poor Man's Steak Rich in F...

Recipes for Making Compound Butters ~ for meats, fish, vegetables, breads

broccoli with Garlic Paprika Butter A little dab will do ya. Back in the day, when women folks...


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