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Not your everyday Tea

My Chicken Salad

Fajita Steak Pinwheel Skewers

Lemon Chervil Fish Skewers

Grilled Fruit Skewers with Ginger Cream

Shrimp KaBoom KaBobs

Chicken Kabobs

Cajun Heat Shrimp Skewers

Grandmother's Ambrosia

Tomato Salsa for Canning

Jalapeño Peach Red Pepper Sauce

Golden Marmalade

Pickled Shrimp

Pickled Green Beans

Lee's Pickled Okra

Oven Mushroom Brown Rice

Sautéed Shrimp with Green Chile Tequila Sauce

Baked Fish in Cream Sauce

Lemon Bisque

Creamy Shrimp Salad

Crabmeat Quiche