Cupboard Cooking: Country, Soulful and Home Style Recipes

Hominess is where the heart is.

Cupboard cooking is a way of life in most households I know. I grew up in such a way of cooking and it is from these lessons that I am most adventurous when creating new recipes. Reaching into the cupboard, coming up with good eats is how many households lived in the past just as we do today. That is, getting by within our means.

This is true also to the ways I learned in what is really nothing more than everyday cooking and within this section are many distinctive tastes of Cupboard Cooking. Sub categories are Country, Soulful and Home Style:  All are southern in nature of course ranging in the reams of farm and rural living, somewhat peasant style to a down-right-homey way and included too are urban ways of cooking.

We group Cupboard Cooking recipes into 3 types of cookery:

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