Southern Classic Foods

We keep these recipes around to make over-and-over again. That's how good these foods are.

These are the enduring recipes, many from our ancestors, which have graced our family tables in year's past and have lasting qualities for generations to come. The significance of these recipe's importance are that each holds the test of time in being a true classic and pure southern .

Here's a sampling:

  • There are so many ways to cook red beans and along the Gulf Coast, we like to add spicy sausage. We use the true red bean, not kidney, and [...]

  • Nothing is better than an old fashion pasta salad made the southern way – with crunchy bits of celery, sweet peppers and pickles in a creamy mayo dressing. This is America’s favorite salad and this recipe is my #1 of all time

  • Country Fried, Chicken Fried, Smothered Cubed, Blue Plate Special with Gravy . . . it doesn’t matter what you call it, just cook it. Pan fried steak with country gravy means good homey eating [...]

  • Creamy, whipped potatoes with just enough lumps to remind me of sitting down at Momma’s table. This recipe is southern simple at its best made with starchy potatoes, butter and milk [...]

  • Nuttin’ but a mouthful of pure summer taste. This is a classic in the deep south, juicy tomatoes in a savory crusted pie

  • This is the way we do it – Chicken and Dumplings made with roasted chicken and pork for a deeper flavor along with a savory broth loaded with flavor

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