May 23, 2010

Grandmother's Ambrosia

Cold Sunshine

Grandmother always made ambrosia for holidays. Sometimes for Thanksgiving and she always made it for Christmas. Well, the only holiday we have coming up is Memorial Day and I can’t ever remember her making it for this day.

Folks, we’re having our first heat wave down here. I mean it’s hot as in stagnant, airless. There’s a little breeze waving hello and teasing with a wisp but it’s like standing by a hissing and gasping furnace. It’s not fun.

So I got to thinking, a rarity, I know. Fruit is refreshing and a cold fruit salad would be too. This will go great with your Sunday dinner. Or, take this one to the beach, to the lake or to the next picnic or outing. That is, if you dare go outside. Enjoy!

Grandmother’s Ambrosia
Her simple but divine orangery fruit salad

6 to 8 large oranges, peeled
3 tangerines, peeled
1 cup chopped fresh pineapple with juice or canned
1/2 cup sugar, if needed
1 cup fresh shredded coconut or sweetened coconut
1 small jar maraschino cherries -halved (optional)
    Cut oranges and tangerines in half; scoop out sections as you do grapefruit. Do this over a bowl collecting juice from the sections and discard the white pith, membranes and seeds. Mix all ingredients except cherries adding sugar as needed. Add additional orange juice if needed to keep fruit moist and use fresh coconut if available. Stir and mix well, then add cherries by lightly stirring them in place before refrigerating overnight.

    Note: Some folks like to add grapefruit sections, red seedless grapes, marshmallows, bananas, pecans and even sour cream, but Grandmother kept it simple, which made it a true taste of her homemade goodness and how we remember it.

    Folks, I know I mentioned this before - my cookbook featuring family recipes like the one above – over 1200 favorites from my house, family and friends – Grits to Guacamole


    1. Drick, this recipe sounds marvellous! I just can't stopped drooling over the other two recipes too... tomato salsa & jam! Will hop over in awhile! Btw, I have an award for you. Please feel free to pick it up. Thanks! Hope you'll have a great weekend, Drick!
      Cheers, Kristy

    2. very fresh ambrosia, your right so many versions love all of them but this is wholesome and perfect on a hot sunny day...nothing can spoil...thanks grandma I just love her recipes!

    3. Beautiful! And sounds delicious. I love the healthy simplicity of this version...

    4. Family recipes are so much fun because they bring about so many fond memories. Hope your head doesn't hurt too badly from thinking ;) I know today is a lazy day for me!

    5. That sounds like an awesome fresh dish for a hot summer day. Thank you so much.

      The Ardent Epicure

    6. Mmmm. I love ambrosia. I hear you on the hot. We lived 6 years down in Dallas and there were days when it was so hot that even the wind was stifling. It felt more like an oven door opened up than a relief. Thanks for sharing.

    7. Drick...Grandmother's Ambrosia looks delish...thanks for sharing another simple yet refreshing fruit salad :)

    8. Thanks for sharing the recipe of Ambrosia. Will give it a try today and hope it tastes well.

    9. this sounds like a refreshing and tropical fruity dessert. yummilicious.

    10. Ambrosia salad was one salad I discovered when I moved to Texas; it was in all the Junior League cookbook and a friend's mother even gave me her family recipe; I love it; your version is pure and simple and lovely.

    11. I love it. Family recipes recreated around holidays are honestly my favorite thing in this whole world. Thanks so much for sharing.