Peach Melba Ice Cream Pie

To end a wonderful meal...make this wonderful dessert.  It is loaded with goodness. Peach Melba Ic...

To end a wonderful meal...make this wonderful dessert.  It is loaded with goodness.

Peach Melba Ice Cream Pie
6-8 servings

1 1/2 cups flaked coconut
1/3 cup chopped pecans
3 tablespoons butter, melted
1 quart frozen peach yogurt, softened
1 pint vanilla ice cream, softened
1 tablespoon cornstarch
1 tablespoon sugar
1 package (10 ounces) frozen raspberries in syrup, thawed
1 cup sliced fresh or frozen peaches, thawed

Combine the coconut, pecans and butter; press onto the bottom and up the sides of an un-greased 9-in. pie plate. Bake at 350° for 12 minutes or until crust begins to brown around edges. Cool completely.
Spoon frozen yogurt into crust; smooth the top. Spread ice cream over yogurt. Cover and freeze for 2 hours or until firm.
In a small saucepan, combine cornstarch and sugar; drain raspberry juice into pan. Bring to a boil; cook and stir for 2 minutes. Remove from the heat; add raspberries. Cover and chill.
Remove from freezer 10 minutes before serving. Arrange peaches on top of pie; drizzle with a little of the sauce. Pass the remaining sauce.


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  1. Mmm....looks easy and delicious. Love the idea of using yoghurt...makes it healthier. I should try more ice cream recipes for the summer. It's summer but still very cold :( Can you please blow some hot air over here?? My daughter has just shared with me a mouthful of haagen dazs ice cream and now I'm feeling cold....brrr. Very tempted to hide under my thick duvet again...haha

  2. well peaches and cream another one of those heavenly desserts that I would love to be eating .....surely a prize winner~

  3. This recipe is just fab! I love frozen yogurt and peaches, and that crust and raspberry sauce sound heavenly! Kudos, cher!

  4. Peach, coconut and using yoghurt, sounds like a very serious and yummy dessert.

  5. HI Drick, Happy Independence Day to all of you over there. What a celebration you're having there! I'm salivating by just looking at all those BBQ photos of yours and now the desserts some more. Man, you're making me crazy & hungry. I think the best place to visit in America should be Drick's home! As always, you serve the best food. Hope you're having a wonderful day.
    Cheers, Kristy

  6. Talk about a fresh fruit ice cream....This rocks!

  7. I feel summer-refreshed just reading this! The frozen yogurt is the best idea. Raspberry sauce sings sweetly.

  8. This pie sure would hit the spot this summer. I love cold desserts to beat the heat.

  9. Incredible! What a perfect dessert for summer!

  10. Sounds like an amazing pie:) Yogurt pies are so tempting...

  11. Now this is what I call my kind of pie! Peaches are in prime time now.

    Bon appetit!

  12. peaches are at their best this month, oh and your crust is awesome, bookmarked my friend...yum


  13. Lovely Ice Cream Pies. I love the addition of coconut. Peaches is always my favorite fruit.

  14. One funny thing I learned recently from Jacques Pepin at Aspen Food and Wine- Peach Melba and Melba Toast were dishes created by Escoffier for a famous and picky Australian soprano- Nellie Melba!



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