Sugar Crusted Ham

We always get rave reviews when serving this Southern Classic - steeped in sugarcane goodness, this Creole recipe uses brown sugar to create a moist, delectable taste sensation and provide a dense outer crust.

Grilling Year-round on the Gulf Coast

Life is good on the Gulf Coast even in the winter months as you'll find folks grilling and barbecuing all types of fine foods. Many Holiday meals feature roasted meats like this Grilled Herb Roast. Get this recipe along with a fine Horseradish sauce.

Cake Making in the South

Similar to Ann Pillsbury's 'Brown Sugar Chocolate Cake', this Chocolate Cake is a bit more southern with the use of buttermilk and lots more brown sugar. And to make it holiday decadent, it's topped in a rich, pecan ladden fudge icing.

Sunday Dinners are Sacred in the South

An establishment in these parts, sitting down at the dinner table for a family meal is a way of life for many of us. It is quality time well spent sharing our blessings. Enjoy our recipes.

Gulf Coast Seafood Recipes

Platters like this are often on tables around Mobile Bay especially when there is a Jubilee. A Jubilee only occurs in Mobile Bay - find mouth-watering recipes under the Fish and Seafood categories.

January 1, 2009

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