Creole Fried Cabbage

A little Southern, a little Creole, a whole lot of me... While most folks will be stewing and si...

A little Southern, a little Creole, a whole lot of me...

While most folks will be stewing and simmering cabbage to honor Saint Patrick, I am frying mine up with some southern flavors. Hope you try it my way.

Creole Fried Cabbage

2 pounds finely diced cabbage
1 pound finely chopped bacon
1 medium onion, chopped
1/2 medium bell pepper cut into thin slices
1 teaspoon cider vinegar
2 tablespoons red pepper flakes
1 teaspoon brown sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt or to taste
1/2 teaspoon black pepper or to taste
    Fry bacon until crisp, remove with a slotted spoon. Remove grease leaving about 1/4 cup or remove all and add butter or olive oil. Add chopped onion and stir until limp. Add bell pepper and remaining ingredients stirring well so that the seasonings coat the cabbage evenly. Fry over medium high heat tossing cabbage for about 10 minutes. Cover and continue cooking over low heat until cabbage is limp and tender.


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    1. This Creole Fried Cabbage looks fabulous and I certainly will give it a try! Thanks for sharing this great recipe!

    2. I just want to take the picture of this huge head of cabbage I bought yesterday and show you I really wanted to make something different with it, not big on corn beef. This is perfect and different for me....going to try this week for sure~ I love the sweetness and the bacon

    3. That's a simple dish, yet sounds very delicious. I love cabbage. It has it's natural sweetness.

    4. Minus the bacon, I think this dish would really be a huge hit around here. And well, it's fried!! So that's always a good thing! (Sorry if I've been scarce, Drick, you know I love your recipes and blog and it's tops on my list to read whenever I can!!)

    5. Awesome preparation of cabbage, I will definitely give it a try this week!

    6. Looks like some really good eating here Drick! I can imagine the taste this has with the vinegar, brown sugar and bacon with the cabbage, and the touch of heat with the red pepper flakes and black pepper too.

    7. I love fried cabbage. These extra ingredients sound like they will make it extra yummy.

    8. Now this sounds like my kind of cabbage! It sounds really delicious, definitely going on the must try list. I may have to change my menu for Wednesday now with a treat like this!

    9. I've never try this recipe with ham/bacon before. Probably, I'll give it a try next round. Thanks, Drick. Have a nice day!
      Cheers always,

    10. I really enjoy cabbage and my hubby loves bacon. He would probably, no definitely prefer this style of cabbage for St Patrick's Day. I might just try this. Thanks for sharing it Drick.

    11. Now THAT's my kind of cabbage dish! Way to go Drick, another winner.

    12. This is what I'll do tomorrow, great idea, thanks!



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