Perfect Sandwiches for the Beach

Preparing food for a trip to the beach can be simple. Easy as just stopping off at a local deli for sandwiches. Our favorite is chicken salad sandwiches but homemade is much better plus you know what's in it. I make mine the day before and then make my sandwiches right before packing the ice chest.
Here is my simple recipe that has a really delighful taste. I've made this many times and it is perfect for outdoor outings. Pack sandwiches in a plastic storage container, place in the ice chest and you're ready to go, along with the boiled peanuts I cooked the other day and of course, plenty of beer . 

Drick’s Chicken Salad
4 to 6 large chicken breasts, depending on size
1 cup finely diced celery
1/4 cup finely diced onion
1/2 cup chopped bread & butter pickles
2 to 4 hard boiled eggs -grated
2 tablespoons lemon juice
Salt & pepper to taste
1/2 cup toasted chopped pecans or almond slivers -optional
Remove skin and cook chicken in lightly salted water until juices run clear, cool, de-bone and finely chop the meat. Mix vegetables in a bowl adding pickles, eggs, lemon juice and nuts if desired. Fold in the chicken, add just enough mayonnaise to moisten, and season with salt and pepper to taste.

Keep your chicken salad simple. Remember, it's chicken salad. The other ingredients are incorporated with the chicken to moisten, add crunch and create a southern flavor I grew up with. It's my favorite recipe, enjoy...
From my cookbook Grits to Guacamole


  1. I was lucky enough to be at the beach to eat some of these and let me tell you. They were fantastic. Delicious. What a treat!


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