June 29, 2009

Grilled Conecuh Sausage

If you are lucky to live in the southern part of our great nation, then you might just be lucky enough to put your mouth around this outstanding sausage from Evergreen AL which is just down the road from my hometown. The folks there have been smoking sausage since 1947 and, boy do they know how to do it. Some of the best hickory smoked meats around, they now have a wide variety of meats, seasonings and accessories. My favorite is a toss-up between the regular smoked and the Cajun smoked sausage. They also have a fiery hot version that has a spicy kick to it. 

Here's how I like to grill them.
Cut into 6 to 8 inch links, prick 'em all over with a fork and place in a pan with a little water. Simmer a while to render a little of the fat out. This will help with flare-ups on the grill. 
Now, just toss them on the grill, medium to slow heat, turning often to brown all sides. 
Right before they are ready, slather on some of your favorite barbecue sauce. 
Wrap them up in a warm hoagie and get to eating. 
If you can't find these in a store near you, they ship three days a week. Here's where to find them: http://www.conecuhsausage.com/default.aspx


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