September 2, 2009

Just what every tailgatin' fan needs -

Week 1 - see recipe posts on Chicken Wings part 1 & part 2

Tailgating Finds
Here are some of the weirdest and finest finds for all you football frenzy fans.

The wiener branding iron (ouch) - just in case you forget who you're rootin' for. The Grill Mounted Hot Dog Branding Iron is available at The American Tailgater Company.

This one has been canned, so to speak, around many campuses. Seems like it was a bad idea to promote drinking beer in school colored cans to underage college students.

Man, is it tough down here or what? - Auburn/AlabamaHouse Divided Flag $32.49
Every team has a bad year. Let's hope this year this is used for cold beverages. - Tennessee VolunteersTrash Can or Cooler$28.99

What can I say? - FLORIDA GatorsCheese Sauce$8.55
The Hammaka Trailer Hitch Stand takes leisure to an entirely new level, perfect for Cajun country. The Trailer Hitch Stand attaches easily to any Class III trailer hitch receiver blending comfortable freedom with high-quality durable construction for all those who need to give it all a little rest. Shown in LSU colors.
This one reminds me of party crazy Ole Miss. Cruzin Cooler combines two basic necessities of life, the ability to have cold food or a beverage handy along with the means to get somewhere, like around campus, without walking. Cruzin Coolers carry from 24 to 72 canned beverages (enough 'till half time) with ice plus riders up to 300 lbs. they also have non-powered wagons that double as a trailer. Cruzin Cooler, the ultimate tailgating toy for the little rebel in you! Deluxe Grill Table -In his ultimate tailgating guide, cookbook author Pableaux Johnson stresses the importance of having enough space for on-site food prep so this Deluxe Grill Table ($99.99) would surely please him. In addition to a heat-resistant aluminum grill area and two side tables, it features a bottom rack for accessories, a paper towel rack, and hooks for grilling tools. Best of all, it folds down to 37- by 19- by 6-inches, and comes with a carrying case. - Now all you need is someone to carry it! Giant Extremely Large Flask -The appropriately named Giant Extremely Large Flask ($29.99) is perfect for large tailgating groups and extremely cold days, when you need a few extra nips of whiskey. (Like any game day!) Made of stainless steel and featuring a screw off lid, this flask holds 64 fluid ounces (WOW) and has a simple, classic design. As Home Wet Bar warns, just because you have a giant flask doesn't mean you should drink all the contents yourself. (But I know you will.) Papa Bert's Stadium Sippin' Seat The Sippin' Seat ($29.99) solves not one but two major tailgating dilemmas: the need to carry a lot beer and the equally important need for a comfortable seat. Available in a variety of colors, the Sippin' Seat holds up to 3 cups of any warm or cold beverage (that's 20 shots, 2.1 beers, or 1 bottle of wine) and can support the weight of a 300-pound person. And, if you bring the Sippin' Seat into the stadium, you're guaranteed to save money on drinks, and enjoy a cozier seat. (So what happens after half-time? I guess with all that sippin', your rump won't notice.)
Tailgating Innovations Trailer - If you're willing to really splurge you can forget just about everything listed above and purchase Tailgating Innovation's customizable trailer (prices start at $12,500 folks). The 5- by 8-foot aluminum-walled trailer features a tongue-mounted grill, a 46-inch flat-panel TV, a 5-disc CD/DVD player, AM/FM transmission, and surround-sound speakers, plus ample storage space for an extra grill, chairs, coolers, and supplies. To see the trailer's many features, watch this video tour. (So, what's going on here - all this and no toliet?)

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  1. I am not crazy about football, but I love the party part! The hot dog iron is the cutest thing ever! And we really need those chairs and that trailer for our truck!