October 8, 2009

Sun-dried Tomato & Basil Dip, Jalapeno Popper Dip, Barbecued Baked Potato, Club Sandwich Roll, Crunchy Asian Slaw, Grilled Key Lime Chicken, Hoisin Marinated Chicken

Week 6
Tailgate Thursday
We’re almost half way through the season which means football across America is getting heated up. Some of us can’t make it to the game every week so we turn to the TV in the comforts of our home. Which means, tailgating in the living room, and that takes on a whole other meaning.

I am sure fans all over the states are ever so passionate for their home team but I can only speak of the ones here in the south. We not only wear our feelings on our shirtsleeves, but we show pride rumbling around in our beloved decal laden pickup trucks, window and bumper sticker loaded SUV’s and flag flying Harleys as well. We yell and holler with the best of fans when our team does well and we cuss and fuss right up there with the losers too. Sometimes southerners get a bad rap, I mean, we’ve been called just about everything. Our image is stuck in many folks mindset as the fore mentioned cussing, fighting, tobacco chewing & spitting, bare foot (don’t leave out pregnant) rednecks, or denizens of backwoods related kinfolk. I really don’t mind being called a dumb-ass redneck. Heck, I just might be!

That brings me to today’s recipes and the second best pastime in the south.

Dip it, Chew it and Smoke it

We southerners may not know much, but when it comes to grub, we eat our share of foods from all over the world. Here are a just a few from my Foodbuzz friends.

Sun-dried Tomato & Basil Dip

This delightful dip comes together in minutes and comes from my friends over at The Duo Dishes. Perfect for gameday in the living room or to take along for tailgating.

Find the recipe here: Sun-dried Tomato & Basil Dip

Jalapeño Popper Dip
Whoa is me, when I first saw this one a while back I knew my fans, er, friends would love it. It comes from Kelly at Evil Shenanigans and she warns, "people go back for seconds, and thirds."  I know I did!
Find the recipe here: Jalapeno Popper Dip

Barbecued Baked Potato

Now for something to chew on: A meal in itself is how I would describe this baby. But for many armchair tacklers, it should be just the thing to get you to halftime. This loaded spud comes from The Gourmet Foodie and when I say loaded I mean, it's a mean bad machine with pulled pork, cheese and onions.

Find the recipe here: Barbecue Baked Potato

Club Sandwich Roll

Laura makes this for her boys in Ontario. It comes from her site Little Chef and I. Can you imagine, bacon, chicken, cheese - all rolled up? Can you imagine topping with mayonnaise and giving it a light toast? Laura will kill me, but I just might have to do it.

Find the recipe here: Club Sandwich Roll

Crunchy Asian Slaw

As we get closer to the third quarter, we might want to start thinking about post game. That's when I will start thinking of this recipe from Tasty Trix and it will go so well with the final after-the-game grub. Trix is a very good friend I have come to know and her recipes are always on the mark.

Find the recipe here: Asian Crunchy Slaw

Grilled Key Lime Chicken

My Floridian friend, Tina, sent this to me a while back and today I'm lighting the fire right after the final whistle blows for this one. It's from her site, Life in the slow lane at Squirrel Head Manor. All you will need to make this chicken tasty is three simple ingredients.

Find the recipe here: Grilled Key Lime Chicken

Hoisin Marinated Chicken

Raquel always surprises me with such great recipes, I mean, what surprises me is that I like every one of them. Like this one, from her site Cafe Nilson where many delectable recipes can be found.

Find the recipe here: Hoisin Marinated Chicken

That's all for today folks - see ya next Thursday with a treat from The Random Gourmet


  1. That certainly looks like a proud southerner's tailgating heaven. Delicious!

  2. I could having my own tailgate party with these but still no football on cable.

  3. I'm honored to be in such good company!! Thanks, Drick!

  4. WOW, I want to join your party! Thanks Drick!
    I'm faltered and honored to be mentioned.

  5. Yea! I finally get to see it. Can't believe work blocked me :-( Thanks for adding me to your tailgate party!

  6. Thanks for the mention! Looks like a great party!

  7. Awesome party food! I love the idea of a club sandwich roll!