Creole Skillet Supper

You too can have a spicy Creole tasting, southern dish on the table in 30 minutes.

Down here we call it supper, you know, as opposed to dinner. Dinner to us is a bit more formal, when company's coming over and you gotta polish the silver, press the napkins and make the goblets sparkle. But when it's just family and kin, really close friends, its everyday stoneware and paper napkins. Heck, the glasses need not match. That's when it's okay to serve right out of the skillet. This recipe is pretty darn good, if I may say so, and it's a snap to make. One pot, simple pantry ingredients and the best part folks, it will only take you about 30 minutes. Enjoy!

Creole Skillet Supper
1 1/2 large onions, diced
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 cup cooked chicken, diced
4 oz turkey kielbasa, thinly sliced
1 cup crushed tomatoes
1/2 cup frozen cut okra
2 cups chicken broth
3 bay leaves
2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
1/2 teaspoon onion powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
Cayenne pepper to taste
1 green bell pepper, diced
Cooked rice

    In a large skillet over medium heat, sauté onion and garlic until onion is translucent. 

    Add remaining ingredients except bell pepper

    Simmer until most of the liquid is evaporated. Remove bay leaves.

    Stir in the green pepper, add cayenne to taste and adjust seasonings if needed. Cook another few minutes.

    Serve over cooked rice.


    1. I just happen to have some okra in the fridge. This is quick and easy to prepare with lots of flavor and goodness.

    2. Yum. Some of my all time favorites all in one pan...okra!, tomatoes, kielbasa, onion, garlic. What's not to like about this skillet supper!

    3. I'm always looking for easy weeknight dinners and this one is going on my must-do list. Thanks for another great recipe!

    4. Who knew I've been having supper all this time, and not dinner? Another fun post!

    5. I can see this as a great way to use the leftover roast chicken from Sunday dinner. I'm not a fan of leftovers and am always looking for tasty ways to use them. Your creole and cajun recipes are always winners!

    6. I love your recipes. They all sound delicious. I've saved this. I'm sure it will be a family pleaser!

    7. That's another delciiosu dish...yum. Would be so good with noodles!

    8. Southern comfort food of the first order.

    9. This looks delicious. I am definitely making this dish soon!

    10. This sounds so gound! Good old fashioned flavours. Love the idea of everyone just sitting at the table, chilling and helping themselves from the skillet!

    11. Oh my gosh I have to make this one Drick. This is so my family, taste and style! I can see the table... us scooping, eating, and laughing.

    12. Awe the colors and seasonings are perfect....a wonderful dish for any kind of dinner, formal is where this one belongs as it is a wonderful dish and well respected! Very nice~

    13. Great colors and flavors! Yum!

    14. I love one skillet meals. Best for working people like me. And quick too! Must remember this next time.

    15. I agreed with Penny! I love skillet meals too. ANd this looks simply


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