Grilled Sweet Potatoes

Grilling Time

   As long as you have the grill fired up, you might as well throw on some vegetables.

   Sweet potatoes are a favorite and go with so many grilled foods. Like all vegetables, it is important for each slice to be uniform in size as the others so that each will cook at the same amount of time. The easiest way to cook sweet potatoes is to coat all sides with oil or melted butter, add a little salt and grill until tender like the photo above.
   I also like to 'sweeten the pot' so to speak, by brushing the potatoes as they grill with a bourbon butter sauce like the one below and grilling directly over hot coals.  These are especially good with grilled steaks.  The recipe below uses a heavy iron skillet in cooking the potatoes making a sugary and sweet, thick sauce. So there you have it, three ways to cook sweet potatoes on the grill. Enjoy!

Bourbon Grilled Sweet Potatoes
for every 2 servings

1 large sweet potato
2 tablespoons butter
1/2 teaspoon brown sugar
pinch of salt
good splash of bourbon
    I like to pre-cook the potato a few minutes in the microwave. Peel and cut into 1-inch slices. Melt butter in an iron skillet or grilling pan, place potato slices in the skillet and sprinkle with the brown sugar and salt.

    Place skillet on medium heat grill. When the potatoes begin to brown on the bottom, remove skillet from fire, add the bourbon and turn the potatoes to cook on the other side. Cook until a nice glaze has formed in the pan, somewhat syrupy in consistency.


    1. That's my favourite! I'll do this when summer comes.

    2. Another great idea. I love new grill recipes, since I use my grill more than my stove top. Love the idea of making sweet potatoes out side... I have two sitting here wanting to try this for,I love them just to snack on at lunch for work, easy and healthy...great new method for me...thanks again, looks like Wednesday with my salmon going to give it a try!

    3. Using bourbon.... hahahaaa... I seriously must get a bottle and try all these recipes you have used with bourbon :)

    4. Love sweet potatoes. What a great way to prepare them!

    5. I love the addition of bourbon and brown sugar, excellent!

    6. I loooove sweet potatoes. (as we say where i'm from sweet-potatahs). Never had them grilled before, this looks fantastic.

    7. Oh Drick I am so going to try these. I have to hit the liquor store and pick up some bourbon to go with the new grill!


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