April 28, 2010

Grilled Shrimp & Gingered Pineapple

Shrimp, pineapple and
.... maybe strawberries again?

Folks, get ready for some great, outdoor eating with a delectable taste that will make you wonder why the songbirds stop singing at night. This is truly a great combination of taste.

Now, I'm not one to push pre-mixed spice blends, you know I normally make my own, but Marshal Creek Spices, a division of Pure & Natural Spices, does an outstanding job on this Orential 5 Spice. Using only fresh ingredients, packed weekly, never sitting around on a shelf - and all 10 to 14 ounces of pure ingredients, their containers are large and all pretty much sell for $3.79 a jar. Plus, it doesn't matter how much or little you buy, they have a flat shipping fee. You can find my favorite spices up there under my header, in my pantry. Now, that's enough of that.

Fire up your grill and git to cooking - this is some fine eating folks. Enjoy! 

Grilled Shrimp with Gingered Pineapple

serves 4

2 pounds large shrimp, peeled & deveined
Juice of 1 lime
2 garlic cloves, minced
1/2 teaspoon Orential 5 Spice
1 jalapeno pepper, minced
1 medium fresh pineapple, cored
1/4 cup dark rum or apple juice
2 teaspoons finely chopped fresh ginger root or 1 teaspoon ground ginger
1/4 cup toasted shredded coconut -optional
Fresh strawberries and mint leaves if desired
    Using a sharp knife, cut pineapple into 3/4-inch slices; then cut into 1/2-inch pieces.
    Mix rum with the ginger root and toss with the pineapple. Cover and refrigerate at least 4 hours.
    If using wooden skewers, soak in water for an hour.
    Toss shrimp with the lime juice, garlic, the 5 spice (or I sometimes use oregano) and jalapeño. Let set for 15 minutes.
    For each kabob, alternate on skewer the pineapple chunks with shrimp. Lightly spray cooking grate with oil. Heat to medium heat and grill kabobs 4 to 5 minutes per side or until shrimp is pink.
    Sprinkle with coconut. Garnish with strawberries and mint leaves if desired.
    Sit back, take a bite and start singing.


    1. More shrimps...mmm. I hope the weather gets hotter soon. It's still cold for any outdoor cooking.

    2. Why do you need anything else but rum? kidding, love it all pineapple, rum and shrimp I am in tropical heaven~ W"OWO"WOWOWOWOOWOWZA!!

    3. Holy moly! I think the next time you cook this, I'm comin' down!!! :-)

      They just don't make great food like this above the Mason-Dixon.

    4. I'm seeing the swaying palm trees and hearing the Hula music! Looks fabulous!

    5. what an excting recipe! Especially with the addition of the rum and the gorgeous spices

    6. great combo of flavors--grilling is our weekend hobby..bookmarked


    7. What a great combination of flavors for the grill! I will have to try this one on a warm Summer night.

    8. I make a shrimp and rum dish, I throw shrimp on the grill and drink the rum while they are cooking. This sounds really good.

    9. Now this just sings a song of summer - rum and all!

    10. This is bookmarked to make as soon as I get the ingredients, yum!

    11. OH, that's cool! You have oriental 5 spice there!I thought it's not easy to get that kind of spices over there. Now, I can imagine the fragrant from the shrimps. hmmmm...mm.... Absolutely fantastic! And with pineapple, that is heaven! Juicy licking good.

    12. Now you've got me real curious about this spice company, I have to check it out. Knowing how particular you are about spice blends I will take your word for it.

    13. This looks like a must-try for me! Thanks for sharing!