Between the Sheets & Pere Ripiene

Between Sheets & Pears

Unfortunately, there is no correlation in the title except that I am keeping with my promise in posting about ‘stuffing’ recipes. I am also making good on another promise featuring cocktails and appetizers on Tuesdays, at least occasionally. And, something else I’m been meaning to do is to post a tribute to friends every so often. Today’s recipes go out to my dear and wonderful Floridian friend, Claudia at What’s Cookin' Italian Style. I think she will like both of these recipes.

The cocktail today features three types of liquor and a little lemon, nothing more and nothing really fancy. It is nothing more than an improvisation on the better-known Sidecar. The silky addition of rum, for Claudia’s sake, is what makes the difference.

Claudia, from an Italian family, will appreciate the appetizer or dessert, as I believe it is eaten in Italy. According to an old Italian proverb, “Never let the peasants know how well cheese and pears go together.” Blue cheese or Roquefort makes a memorable combination if Gorgonzola cannot be found. Seckel pears, because of their size and butter flesh, are the ideal pears but are only in season in fall through December. Any small ripe pear will be satisfactory. Hope you enjoy this folks and you too Claudia!

Between the Sheets
for each cocktail
1/2 jigger brandy
1/2 jigger light rum
1/2 jigger Cointreau or triple sec
1/3 jigger lemon juice
    Shake well with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a lemon wedge.

    Pere Ripiene
    Cheese Stuffed Pears
    12 small pears, Seckel when in season
    2 tablespoons lemon juice
    1/4 cup (1/2 stick) sweet butter, or try it with cream cheese
    1 cup Gorgonzola cheese, Blue or Roquefort will do
    1 cup finely crushed walnuts
      Peel the pears and cut in half lengthwise. Remove seeds and core out the center. Sprinkle pears with lemon juice coating all surfaces.

      Beat butter, cheese together until creamy, and spoon into the pear half by teaspoons. Place halves together forming a whole pear. Use more mixture if needed to adhere pears together.

      Dip pear in crushed walnuts and set on a platter.

      Cover with wrap and chill until serving time.


      1. I have to tell you your title stopped me dead in my tracks, and as I was packing, getting ready to head to my dreaded training for the rest of this week for work, you put a smile on my face and a spark of energy to get through the day ahead. You never cease to amaze me with your great humor, fun and fabulous words of inspirational wisdom. Love the pearing (pairing) lol a little pun there! I love the cheese and walnuts here and then that drink omg who could resist....thanks for giving me some motivation to get through the next few days, perfect timing indeed...I am so dreading this trip! I am honored to be mentioned here! Thanks so much :) have a great rest of your week see you Friday Drick on the blogisphere :) Claudia

      2. Hahahahahahahaha.

        I clicked this post with one eye open... too cute! I was curious as to where it could lead! Love the drink recipe, yum!!!

        The pear recipe is ridiculously creative!

      3. OMG... cheese stuffed pears. What a great idea!

      4. Wow, those pears look fantastic - what an original dish! And the cocktail - I'd be happily out cold on the couch after one of these.

      5. I am ready to get in the car and head your way for cocktails and appetizers this evening! These are great recipes.

      6. Looks like my bar is stocked for making this drink! Perfect for this heat wave too!

      7. The perfect "pear"ing of fruit, cheese and cocktail! Each time I visit your blog there's something more irresistible than the last! Wonderful post.

      8. Wonderful pairing of ingredients for an outstanding appetizer, also love the cocktail, it all goes together for a delicious starter!

      9. Fantastic...I will be over soon:) Those pears are amazing!

      10. You certainly have more ideas than any five foodies I can think of. Thanks again for a delightful read! Cheers-I know that drink would put me between the sheets.


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