San Fermin in Neuva Orleans

Sunday Funnies

Half way around the world from Pamlpona Spain where the 'running of the bulls' occur each year, so does this tongue-in-cheek, so to speak, event happening in New Orleans.  There are no 1300 pounds angry bulls, instead, only bad 'a' roller girls chasing down the men through the streets hoping to 'gore' the men by spanking them on the buttocks with their plastic bats.

The run started outside the Three Legged Dog Saloon and proceeded across Canal Street, down Tchoupitoulas Street and into the heart of the Central Business District.

Here is a video from a previous year and yeah, you can always count on a legion of Elvises to appear on any given occassion. Enjoy!


  1. I have a feeling that any excuse creates a party in New Orleans. At least at this running of the bulls, women, children and old people don't have to fear for their lives!

  2. This was too funny...sorry I'm late:(


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