Hamburger Skewers for Picky Pickers

Picky is as Picky does

This post goes out to our southern belle, Jodie Mo and to her family over in Georgia. Mother of twins, this gal knows how to stretch a dollar but folks, her meals taste far from Eatin’ On the Cheap.(NB: Jodie Mo and family now reside in Tennessee)

Now first I need to say today’s post has been rewritten, that is, I pretty much had the jest of it down. A friendly howdy-do to one of my favorite bloggers out there, and I have quite a few, the intentions and message were to poke a little fun at Jodie, not in a mean spirited way of course. Many of you already know of her fun colloquisms, her grand humor and sense of storytelling in delivering to us stupendous recipes. She tells it like it is and we all love her not just for that, but ‘cause we can relate to the many tribulations in life. The post was to benefit her and her family values. It still is but Jodie stole some of the thunder in a recent post.

For those who missed her stump-standing scolding on Picky Eaters, I whole-heartily suggest you give it a read, especially if you are pregnant, know someone who is or have a house full of youngun’ that are yet potty trained and can still be ‘food trained’. Again, she tells it like it is even if some of you do not like it. I did like it as I was fortunate to be reared in a home where picky eaters went hungry. I told her I didn’t like English peas and like most kids would hide them under the lip of my plate. Kids think the darnest things, as if the peas would magically disappear. Guess what? Momma would clear the table of everything except my plate. I had to sit there until the hidden peas were eaten, or most of them. Sometimes, she would not serve dessert until I ate my peas. Talk about some peer pressure, evil eyes from all other family members will get you gobbling pretty quick. Today, I love English peas.

So Jodie Mo, with you standing up to your kids and as you say, their future kids, I give you some fun ideas (some from Readers Digest) in helping to make picky eaters eat better, plus a fun hamburger on a stick recipe I had. I hope everyone will like it, including you and hubby too. Enjoy!

Tricks at the Table
1- Take a tip from expensive restaurants. Serve small individual servings in fun cups, wacky bowls and tiny glasses. Think shooters, tiny appetizers, and mini sandwiches each served independently. Restaurants call it grazing, hey, kids do it too.
 2- Having trouble with broccoli? Steam large florets, plate a couple in a thick white cheese sauce like floating islands. Stick an oyster fork or small spoon in the mound and let them play treasure hunt.
 3- Kids like fun things. It’s okay to bring fun to the table sometimes too. Like adding cocktail umbrellas to drinks and food or making funny things out of good food.
 4- Serve foods on skewers, toothpicks, even corn holders making it fun to eat fruits and vegetables. Boys especially like things that have been stabbed. Not for smaller children.
 5- And last, when all else fails, turn down the lights or out and use votive candles. Making it hard for them to see what they’re eating might help add nutrition to their diets.

Happy Cheeseburger Skewers
These have a great flavor for adults too, great for football game-day too.

1 1/2 pounds lean ground beef (85-90%)
1 teaspoon salt
A dash each of black pepper, garlic powder, ground ginger
1 medium onion, minced
3/4 cup grated mild or sharp cheddar cheese
1/4 cup minced cooked bacon bits
16 to 20 cherry tomatoes
8 to 12 half-inch slices of pre-cooked potatoes, or large mushroom caps
8 to 12 squares of bell pepper
Wooden or metal kabob skewers
    In a large bowl or on a large platter, break the ground beef apart and spread out covering bottom of dish. Combine the spices together and sprinkle on the beef. Scatter the cheese, bacon and onions on top and completely mix mixture together. Shape the mixture into 12 compact balls and flatten just slightly into disks.
     If using wooden skewers, have them pre-soaked. Alternate the vegetables with 3 meat disks on each skewer. The next time I cook these, and I will, I think placing the meat disks horizontally on the skewers will allow for enhanced cooking.
     Grill on medium heat. Allow meat to set for 8 to 10 minutes, run a spatula under meat if needed and rotate brushing with a thin steak sauce if desired or my favorite, a mixture of Worcestershire, lemon juice, soy sauce and red wine vinegar. Or broil kabobs in the oven, 4 to 6 inches from heat source for 10 to 15 minutes or until done.
     Place skewers on plate, serve with a rice dish and let everyone have fun. For smaller children, arrange food in a comical way.


    1. Awww, shucks Drick. I'm honored! Thanks for the support and the encouragement and the great ideas! Feeding kids isn't always easy and some days it's down-right difficult, but your Momma, and my Momma too, had the bigger picture in mind when they sat us down for dinner. And thank goodness they did! My hated food was mushrooms. I couldn't stand the things! Today, I snatch them up whenever I can!

    2. This looks absolutely delicious!



    3. love the last pics, great tips..I am always s glad I never had picky eaters, but my girls love anything served on a stick and cheeseburgers..oh perfection..great recipe! bookmarked, and yes perfect for football!!


    4. Love this post. I need to serve my daughter this. She's quite picky with food. I do need it too, especially the last fun to eat...haha :D I'm sure I'm not a picky eater...thank goodness..... but I do love fun food. I should make some too :D

    5. I love that face on the plate! My kids would be clamoring for more if that was how I presented kebobs.

    6. What a fabulous idea man do these look like a great winner for company and any much fun to serve ......awesome wish i had thought of this one :)

    7. Great idea! I saw a recipe in Rachel Ray today for philly cheesesteak skewers and I thought those were a fun preparation as well!

    8. My husband was just asking last night where his beef was! Good timing! :)

    9. These burger skewers look great and I will surely give them a try, after I go off of my veggie diet! I must take a little break, after over-indulging in Cajun shrimp dishes, all weekend. lol

    10. LOVE that plate! You are such a jolly guy. I hope I can meet you one day in person... :)

    11. I have never even heard of cheeseburger skewers, but what a great idea! My little cousins, who are very picky, would love this!

    12. What a cool looking plate of food. That was a nice shout out and I love beef skewers....another of your posts I'll be sharing. By the way, we made your creamy seafood pasta again this weekend! I am going to gain so much weight!!!

    13. You caught my eye when I read the title of tour post-I love the term stabbed food.

    14. I'd be happy eating these! Cheeseburgers have my name all over them. :)

    15. Great idea about skewered burgers, I'll be happy to eat them this way. I like your idea of dimming the lights or using votive candles so kids will not see what they're eating.

    16. What a wonderful post...I wish I had these tips when mine were young :)

    17. These hamburger skewers look absolutely delicious...I'm going to try them this weekend!


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