Grand Prize Peek + Game-Day Week 6

Week 6 Submission ends midnight Tuesday, Oct 4th
Voting Starts Oct 5th
see 'rulebook' for prizes and game strategy

Welcome to this Week's Giveaway

I thought it might be fun to take a peek at just a few of the many Southern items that will be arriving in a couple of months, all going into the Grand Prize Championship Bowl that will be given away the week of Jan 2nd, 2012, right in time for the BSC Championship Game in New Orleans LA. Actually, not everything is going to fit in the bowl, but it sure will come in handy at party time.

Now you gotta link in recipes to have a chance to win the Grand Prize. Each recipe counts as an entry, plus there are other ways to score points.

Very Important Notice... Congratulations to our Texan Sweetheart, Sweet Life or as I know her, Bonnie for winning last week's game with her mouth-watering brisket dip. And also winning a soon-to-be-release cookbook of my favorite recipes from Mobile to boot. It will be available on I-phone, I-pad, Nook, Kindle and of course printed on regular paper...

Ya'll have a fantastic game day, may your team win. Have a great weekend and wonderful week. Here are about half of the southern spices and mixes in the giveaway GRAND PRIZE, all are my absolute favorites. Good Luck...

Crawfish, Crab & Shrimp Boil / Seafood Breader / Fish Fri Meal
Jambalaya Mix / Mardi Gras Dip Mix / Southern Bay Leaves

Gumbo File Powder / Chili Powder / Cajun Seasoning / Creole Seasoning

and 2 items I cannot live without - Liquid Smoke and Cane Syrup

NOW it's time to share your recipes:
Make sure you use the URL for the actual post and not to your blog so folks can score what you’re sharing. Link any gameday related food or beverage recipe. Use the NAME of the recipe. Voting limited to participants only.

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Game Week 6 Starts Oct 1st 2012 - ends midnight, Friday, Oct 7th
Week 6 Submission ends midnight Tuesday, Oct 4th - Voting Starts Oct 5th
Do not Vote for my recipes - that would be poor strategy. 

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  1. I love all those spices wow cane syrup and liquid smoke, I think mine two would be cayenne pepper and hot sauce :)

  2. Wow, those are all of my faves, too! Great giveaway! Happy Sunday!

  3. My husband LOVES liquid smoke. Too much so if you ask me. It ends up on everything he barbecues. :)

  4. Fantastic list of goodies here!

  5. Yeah... Thanks drick,great giveaway..


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