Mardi Gras Parade Pic's

Greetings from 
Mobile AL

For those of you requesting more of what's going-on ... here are a few pics from the first few weeks of parades.

Only 10 more days to go and 26 parades!

Krewe de la Dauphine

Island Mystics

Bayport Parading Society

Pharaoh's Mystic Society

Conde Explorers

Order of Polka Dots

Order of Inca

Mobile Mystics

Maids of Mirth

Butterfly Maidens

Krewe of Merry Mates


  1. Drick, thanks very much for dropping by my blog! You always warm my heart by the things you write :D I am busy but still happy....*big smiles* I have been telling myself to blog more regularly and also visit blogs. Hope to do so......keeping my fingers crossed. It's quite a while I have not dropped by. Would love to drop by more often...and drool...haha

    I always love to read your posts about the Mardi Gras. It's SO interesting and fun. I wish we have it here. You must be cooking lots! And oh.....I love that dog....sooooo cute! Take care. Mary

  2. I really hope that someday I get to see Mardi Gras first hand. It looks like such a hoot. Thanks for allowing us to view the experience through you!

  3. Happy Mardi Gras Drick, and Happy Valentines Day as well!

  4. You must be really busy this time of year. I hope all of your dishes turn out and are received with smiles!

  5. What a festive time - love the photos. That's a wicked hat the little boy is wearing. Wonder if I could get away with that at work..hmmmm

  6. Great pictures! Happy Mardi Gras!

  7. Wow, 26 parades! Ya'll have more than we do! Great pics, too! Looks like a fun time there in Mobile. Cheers and Happy Mardi Gras, cher!

  8. 26 parades.. how fun!! thanks for sharing you great time w/ us..can't wait to see more!


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