O Olive Oil and O Vinegar Review

O is for 'Oh my goodness, it doesn't get any better than this.'

O Meyer Lemon Olive Oil came to me as a godsend - really folks, at a time when my garden started overproducing heirloom tomatoes. Accompanying the sweet aromatic citrus oil was a wonderful bottle of O Pinot Noir Vinegar and I knew the two together would create a harmonious pairing of delightful flavors complementing the sweet and tartness of the varying tomatoes. The taste was incredible and actually it is the beautiful paring of the O oil and vinegar that set off the tomatoes.

This time of year along the Gulf Coast is also a time that we enjoy the opening season of two my favorite seafood: Deep gulf water red snapper and our local brown shrimp. Now when you combine all of these fine foods together, you got yourself one fine mess of a meal. And for you folks who don't know the lingo that means good as in, it don't get any better. More of this to come in a future post but first, a little bit more about the exciting flavor of O Olive Oils and Vinegars.

What appeals to me about the O brand is comparable to The Olive Oil Source opinion, the fact that the oils are not flavored nor infused after the fact like most olive oils and no extracts or artificial flavors are added. O was the first in the US to crush organic citrus with olives to produce its signature line of oils which starting in 1995. Using only organic citrus, olives are cold-pressed together in producing the finest quality in extra virgin oils. O Olive Oil products have won 13 NASFT (National Association of Specialty Food Trades) Sofi Awards including Best Product and Best Design. O Olive Oil is one of the few remaining vinegar makers in this country using the old world Orleans method of natural aging in wood barrels. The vinegars and oils are in the kitchens of Jacques Pepin, Charlie Trotter, Michael Mina, Wolfgang Puck, Charlie Palmer, Cat Cora, Tom Colicchio and now in my kitchen as well as many other households.

I learned a lot of facts just visiting the O Facebook page and because I 'liked' them, I can now keep up with their interesting and informative cooking ideas. Also, from time to time, I will see notices of offers and special sales from fine folks like Whole Foods who are now promoting O during the month of June. On the Facebook page, I learned the Meyer Lemon Olive Oil I received came from an orchard that is 100% solar- powered and that is where I learned the 100% organic lemons are crushed with Mission olives which to me gives it such a brilliant intensity of flavor and the delicate yet very aromatic bouquet.

What I liked about the O oil and vinegar is how well it emulsifies together unlike any olive oil and vinegar I have ever used. That is because by pressing the citrus with the olives, natural sugars bond together creating ability for the oil to infuse with the vinegar. And in turn, the pressed method creates a taste that is much deeper in flavor than the simple infused oils lining the grocer's shelves. You really can taste the difference. The taste of the vinegar comes from the Napa Valley Pinot Noir that is aged to perfection in white oak barrels. The flavor is refined and complex with a hint of California black cherries, rose petals and cinnamon. Both oil and vinegar are of excellent quality.

The Heirloom Tomato Salad at right is featured in an upcoming recipe and will be paired with Grilled Shrimp and Red Snapper. All three recipes are heighten by the marvelous O oil and vinegar. I cannot wait for you to experience this with me. The flavor of the O Olive Oil with the mingling taste of lemon is a mellow contrast to the flavorsome, aged O Pinot Noir wine vinegar. Together, it is a pairing perfect for tossing with so many food items and particularly rides well with the fresh taste of these garden tomatoes and herbs.

Now, lastly I want to share one more fabulous find some of you may not know about, eRecipeCards.com. It is such a great site to find recipes and if you are a recipe writer/blogger like me, you will appreciate the ease of its use. eRecipeCards.com is all about food -  from ideas others are making, collecting recipes and to posting your own in sharing with others. It is such a great way to find fine cooking folks who have a passion for food and a great way for them to follow your endeavors.

Thanks to O Olive Oil and eRecipeCards.com for allowing me to sample and experience this fine product in order to compete in a contest and for a chance to win a prize (see details and contestants). I was not compensated other than the oil and vinegar. All opinions are all me.


  1. Haven't seen O oil here but I'll keep an eye out for it. I love the oils that are pressed with both the olives and the lemons together.

  2. Great review on this product as I have never seen or heard of it... sounds fabulous! love lemon as I have the meyer lemon tree, nice one.

  3. I can't past the fact that your garden is overproducing heirloom tomatoes. LUCKY!!!!! And yes, you all down there sure do have the makings of one fine mess : )

  4. Lots of great info on a product I would have otherwise not know about. Have to keep an eye out for the O, sounds delish!

  5. My tomato plants are taking their sweet time, nothing ripe yet! Nothing like good oil and vinegar on a tomato salad, yum! I bought Persian Lime olive oil today which is so good on roast corn in a salad you just don't want to share! Hope you're enjoying your evening;-)


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