Alabama Slammer Recipe

Southern Cocktails

. . . not just for football season!

Here's a recipe I know everyone needs in their repertoire.

The Slammer has become known a favorite of frat boys, spring breakers and nautical aficionados of "boat drinks," although "Boat Drinks" singer Jimmy Buffett, himself an Alabamian from Mobile, of course immortalized a different drink, the tequila-based Margarita.

The Alabama Slammer comes in two versions: the cocktail, which is made in a highball glass, and the shot. While there are several variations on this Rama-Jama drink, I think this one is perfect.
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Alabama Slammer

makes 1 cocktail
1 fluid ounce Southern Comfort liqueur
1 fluid ounce amaretto liqueur
1 ounce sloe gin or 1 good dash grenadine syrup
orange juice

In a highball glass full of ice, combine Southern Comfort, amaretto and grenadine. Fill with orange juice and stir. Add a cherry or twist if desired.


  1. Looks like a nice drink to relax and enjoy the season with. Catherine

  2. Well when you come back you bring mighty good drinks, my friend! This looks like a winner for football or any ol' occassion!

  3. sounds like more of a home run than a slammer HEE HEE hope your doing well my friend!


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