New Year's Char-Grilled Oysters

It's a Perfect Time of Year...

to celebrate harvesting oysters. Nothing beats ringing in the New Year like a sack full of fresh oysters from Mobile waters.

Now if you do not know the difference, you will not be able to appreciate our love for these mouth-watering, superb tasting delicacies we enjoy year 'round.

I cannot think of any better source than Alabama Gulf Seafood to bring us a most refreshing, good-eating recipe for oysters.

And I would like to share this favorite one with you.

Happy New Year folks....


Char-Grilled Oysters

  • Fresh Alabama oysters
  • Compound butter
  • Romano cheese

Find the recipe plus a step-by-step guide on an easy way of shucking oysters ...  here.

Char-Grilled Alabama Oysters


  1. We love char grilled oysters and yours look delicious.

  2. outstanding and simple what can be better? Happy New Year dear friend hope the next year will be the best to come ever! Cheers!

  3. Hi Drick and Happy New Year to you a few hours early. Being landlocked, being landlocked in below zero temps, being landlocked without these fresh oysters is making me flat out jealous! :) It's Osso Buco for us tonight with a shrimp appetizer. Guess I can't complain too much.

  4. These look amazing, Drick! Happy New Year and have an amazing 2015. Cheers, Frank


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