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You don't have to be born in the south to enjoy our style of cooking, but it sure helps if you like to eat.
Drick Perry
Mobile Alabama

Cooking is second nature to me, and my passion is to preserve the traditions of southern cooking. Recipes handed down from generations of cooks are what make southern cooking so appealing to many. Sharing recipes with friends and family, every savoring bite is an enjoyment and a taste of history. I believe that distinct experience makes southern food a most identifiable type of cuisine.

I like to share the simple pleasures of home-style meals, the bounty of our local Gulf Coast seafood, the joy of local Creole and Cajun food, while also enjoying a love affair with the grill. I have an admiration for Mexican and Western style cooking and it is a feature in my home at least once a week.

Born in Greenville AL, small town living along with the values and lessons learned from my family and cooks are what make my interest in cooking enjoyable.

I currently have two self-published cookbooks. Grits to Guacamole incorporates our favorite dishes from family and friends. Containing over 1200 recipes, we use this cookbook daily, after all, these are our favorite ones, the cooking traditions of our own. I am currently working on others as well, Creole & Cajun, Mexican & Western and one devoted to southern sweets. Journal of Mobile's Southern Cookery is a collection of favorite foods that also reflect the history and folklore of Mobile and the surrounding areas of Alabama’s Gulf Coast. Each recipe in this collection is prefaced by a “story” that is either based on facts derived from our area’s historical chronicles or is drawn from traditions that have been passed down for generations.

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