Cooking Southern - Our Way of Life

There's more to a recipe
than a list of ingredients and directions.
There's the love of it handed down from generations.

Southern food is real food. From kitchen to table, it is food with a feeling and taste of homecomings, reunions and of daily livelihood. Cooking southern food is the forefront of cookery of our mainland. From our southern ports, foodstuff from far away made its way to the early French and Spanish colonies and when entwined with the cultures of our Native American ways, that of the colonist and particularly with the influx of African and Caribbean, new and unique cookery evolved. Our recipes migrated across the landscape just as fast as did the change of history.
It is said that Southern Cookery is truly the first American cuisine.

This is our Southern Foods and how we prepare it. In this section you will find:
Heritage Foods
Kitchen Know How
    Tips and Techniques

Recipes that are Classic

Classic recipes are ones we hand down from generation to generation. Pure Southern, these foods are the mainstay of our way of life.

Heritage Recipes

Tradition runs deep in the south like cooking red beans on Monday. Find our Heritage foods and traditions in this section along with many more fine bean dishes like these: Sausage and Bean Medley, Southern RB, Sausage and Rice, RB and Rice - the Real Deal.

Southern Ingredients: Get to know them

The term 'southern peas' refers to hundreds of different varieties of peas and are subdivided into four main groups: Field peas, Crowder peas, Cream peas and Black-eyed peas. Learn more about Southern Peas and how to cook them - southerly of course!

Kitchen Techniques: The way we do it

The start of many Southern foods begins with making a proper roux. It is much more than cooking together flour and oil in creating a thickener. It is a traditional institute in kitchen know-how and doing so correctly yields the basis for some mighty fine gumbo, stews, jambalaya, sauces and so much more we Southerns love to eat.


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