Bourbon and Coke Ham and good foods for New Year's Day

 A ham for all seasons... I am sure many of you baked a ham over the last couple of holidays, T...

Toasted Cheese Grits Casserole

half of recipe When a bowl just isn't enough... Sometimes a hearty bowl of grits, as in a...

Tenderloin Steaks with Shrimp Béarnaise

yup, there's a fillet under there One heck of a steak. Folks, save this for a special occ...

Sticky Pecan Apple Cake

Warm and fuzzy time of year... This is the time of year when fruit bowls, trays and baskets pi...

Southern Coffee Punch

Sing a round with me... Most gatherings at holiday times are lifted with songs in a spirited wa...

Tomato Potato Bacon Gratin

it may not be pretty, but it sho is some kind of good A better pie . . . Friday night is norm...

Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe

To the toes... The latest cold front to come through made everyone shiver from head to toe an...

Momma's Tarlienne and My Tarlerinine ~ beef, corn and noodle casseroles

  So what's in a name? This is the time of year that I kinda get a warm feeling to bring ou...

White Lima Bean Soup from Ham-bone Stock

Good for the soul... Known to many southern and soul food enthusiasts, beans play a very import...

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