Recipe for Canning Sweet Pickles

named  Bread and Butter   for a reason I come from a long line of canning fanatics and that...

Yellow Squash and Zucchini Casserole

By gosh, this squash is kabosh In other words, I think this casserole is it, the end of wanting...

El Dorado Tostada Stacks

Ground beef tostada makeover Before we left for the mountains, I whipped up a favorite weekly f...

Country Corn Casserole

Summer corn is  some kinda sweet eatin' We look forward to summer. The sheer delight of bi...

Spanish Style Bean Recipe

Beans that made us go Gosh darn it, here is another photo of a recipe I took while in progress and ...

Twiced Baked, Double Stuffed Potatoes

Recipe for potato bliss Here's a good ol' recipe for baked potatoes that comes from one...

My 7-Up Batter for Seafood & Vegetables

All fried but no place to go Some days are not meant to happen. I mean, we plan for the best, g...

fresh strawberries in vanilla custard ice cream

Ya can't beat homemade This is an old, southern way of making ice cream and it is so darn s...

Creamy Key Lime Pie with Berry Topping

Pie for the 4th Folks, I meant to get this to you earlier to show you what my pie plans were fo...

My Best Coleslaw Recipe

Creamy,  in a sweet and tart dressing way I feel the need to apologize. Of all my recipes I...

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