Top 5 Canning Recipes

The best for a reason.

Well, at least we think so and so must many of you according to latest search results (Aug 2013).

Since the gardens across the country in many areas are now peaking (ours of course are long over except for hot climate peppers etc.), I thought I would recap a reference page to the top 5 recipes that visitors search when looking at canning recipes on my site as rated this week, August 10, 2013.

Click on title to open recipe in new window.

TOP 5 from the top:

Spicy Pickled Green Beans

Bread and Butter Sweet Pickles

Squash Pickles

Tomato Salsa



  1. Would love to try those green beans. I continue to love your Cajun Pickles and everyone I serve them to goes wild. Great lineup here.

  2. I have to send this link to my mom. She's terrific at canning. We just made apple jelly last weekend. I'm afraid I never had an interest in canning. Always froze my excess produce. I need to have her teach me so I can make your pepper jelly!


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